A Family Line

Jon Meenk  | 6.17.18  |  Sunday PM

Genesis 5

Pastor Jon Meenk teaches through the genealogy of chapter 5. We see that all of history points forward to Jesus.

The First City

Jon Meenk  | 6.10.18  |  Sunday PM

Genesis 4

As Pastor Jon Meenk dives into the fourth chapter of Genesis, we take a look at the first city in the bible, and what our role as believers is in our own city.

The Downward Spiral

Jon Meenk  | 6.3.18  |  Sunday PM

Genesis 3:6-24

As Pastor Jon Meenk continues through his study in Genesis, he teaches through what is know as "the fall of man." At this point in Genesis we begin to see man's downward spiral.

Sin, Blame, & Enmity

Jon Meenk  |  5.27.18  |  Sunday PM

Genesis 3:6-15
In chapter 3 of Genesis, Pastor Jon Meenk continues to teach on sin in the garden of Eden.

A Seed of Doubt

Jon Meenk  |  5.20.18  |  Sunday PM

Genesis 3:1-13
Pastor Jon Meenk begins the third chapter of Genesis. In this study we see the ramifications of doubting our all-knowing Father.

Comparable Helper

Jon Meenk  |  5.6.18  |  Sunday PM

Genesis 2:18-25
Pastor Jon Meenk continues in our Sunday PM study through the book of Genesis. In the last parts of chapter 2, we see God's solution to man being alone.

Breath of Life

Jon Meenk  |  4.29.18  |  Sunday PM

Genesis 2:4-7
Pastor Jon Meenk continues his study through the book of Genesis. The life that God breathed into us is, and always will be, sacred.

In it He Rested

Jon Meenk  |  4.22.18  |  Sunday PM

As we take a look at day 7 of the creation account, Pastor Jon Meenk shows us how God's rest was not merely a well deserved nap, but something much more beautiful.

Imago Dei

Jon Meenk  |  4.15.18  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Jon Meenk unpacks day 6 of the creation account in our study through Genesis. In this passage we were given an amazing gift; Imago dei, the image of God.

Discovering Identity

Jon Meenk  |  4.8.18  |  Sunday PM

God has created us with a purpose, a specific identity. When we are confident in that identity, we no longer only see God in the things that we cannot explain, but we see Him in, and through, all things.

The Great Architect

Jon Meenk  |  3.25.18  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Jon Meenk unpacks day three of the creation account. We continue to see God's creativity as the Great Architect.

Waters From the Waters

Jon Meenk  |  3.18.18  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Jon takes us through the second day of the creation account. We continue to see the many amazing characteristics of God in how He orchestrated this place we call home.

Let There Be Light

Jon Meenk  |  3.11.18  |  Sunday PM

As pastor Jon Meenk continues in his study through Genesis, we dive into day one.

In the Beginning

Jon Meenk  |  3.4.18  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Jon Meek begins a new Sunday PM study through the book of Genesis. This week we focus on how God's character is revealed through the creation account.