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Schemes Overcome

Mark Glesne  |  7.2.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Mark covers the Book of Revelation in the closing sermon of our Sunday PM series Schemes.

Divide & Devour

Mark Glesne  |  6.25.17  |  Sunday PM

In our second to last week, we look at the last scheme of the enemy we learn about from 1 Peter 5: "Divide & Devour".

Counterfeit Faith

Mark Glesne  |  6.11.17  |  Sunday PM

Week 4 of our series, "Schemes", covers counterfeit faiths.


Mark Glesne  |  6.4.17  |  Sunday PM

In the third week of our study, Pastor Mark Glesne talks about the enemy's scheme of accusation.


Mark Glesne  |  5.28.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Mark covered week two in our current Sunday Night Study, "Schemes". This week Pastor Mark talks about the scheme of temptation.

The Lie

Mark Glesne  |  5.21.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Mark starts a new series on the schemes of Satan and Jesus' preeminence over them, beginning with the first scheme: the Lie.